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  • [PETALSSTUD-278] - Wrong wizard when adding a new consumes / provides in the JBI Editor
  • [PETALSSTUD-279] - XSLT and XSD wizards can result in a NPE
  • [PETALSSTUD-280] - Invalid management of the operation widgets in the JBI editor
  • [PETALSSTUD-281] - Invalid BPEL name with a top-down approach
  • [PETALSSTUD-283] - Cannot start the EIP croquis wizard from the EIP SU wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-284] - EIP SUs are not loaded correctly in the form editor
  • [PETALSSTUD-285] - EIP croquis cannot reference new services created with the studio
  • [PETALSSTUD-287] - The SOAP wizard fails due to a specific WSDL (URL?)

Improvement Request

New Feature

  • [PETALSSTUD-90] - Add a utility to test a Petals service through the SOAP BC
  • [PETALSSTUD-170] - Extend the SU wizard from the preferences

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