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  • [PETALSSTUD-251] - Error while updating Petals Studio from version 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
  • [PETALSSTUD-255] - When creating a SOAP service provider, no longer possible to specify a WSDL via http
  • [PETALSSTUD-260] - Update the WSDL of the SQL component
  • [PETALSSTUD-261] - Configuring a component with a shared library does not work anymore
  • [PETALSSTUD-262] - DnD does not set the right import URLs
  • [PETALSSTUD-264] - JSR-181: the WSDL-first approach is sometimes wrong
  • [PETALSSTUD-265] - Hierarchical presentation for packages does not work anymore
  • [PETALSSTUD-266] - Maven shortcuts should rely on Maven preferences
  • [PETALSSTUD-267] - Resource copy in Java projects must be followed by a refresh
  • [PETALSSTUD-268] - Wrong handling of empty end-point name
  • [PETALSSTUD-274] - BPEL Validation does not work anymore

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