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  • [PETALSSTUD-1] - The proxy configuration causes the studio to crash, the password is not stored by Eclipse.
  • [PETALSSTUD-4] - The field 'Service Assembly location' of the SA Import dialog box should be grayed
  • [PETALSSTUD-5] - SA Import dialog box is not completly readable
  • [PETALSSTUD-6] - SA import does not import all files into the workspace
  • [PETALSSTUD-11] - [STUDIO] WSDL et XSD mal générées (rappatriés) par l'assistant BC-SOAP
  • [PETALSSTUD-12] - Duplicated tag in the invocation request generated by the BPEL engine when calling a partner
  • [PETALSSTUD-15] - KPI service units are not properly generated for "autogenerated" endpoints
  • [PETALSSTUD-16] - The "Generate BPEL skeleton from WSDL" option does not seem to work
  • [PETALSSTUD-17] - BPEL graphical designer does not handle WSDL properly
  • [PETALSSTUD-19] - (PB-064) SU-EIP ==> End-point des consume invoquées mal renseigné: seule l'interface est spécifiée, pas le nom du service
  • [PETALSSTUD-23] - SA projects should also be built when a SU project is removed / refreshed / created
  • [PETALSSTUD-33] - Sometimes, the JBI builder cannot resolve line numbers
  • [PETALSSTUD-51] - The SOAP consume field "soap-address" is depreciated
  • [PETALSSTUD-71] - Incoherent jbi.xml with respect to the WSDL (FTP)
  • [PETALSSTUD-73] - The service DnD erases some imports from the Artifacts WSDL
  • [PETALSSTUD-74] - Process not terminated (Jsr-181 tooling)
  • [PETALSSTUD-84] - Problem with Studio when a WSDL contains multiple ports (creating SOAP provider)
  • [PETALSSTUD-86] - The dialog to choose the services to invoke is not enough intuitive
  • [PETALSSTUD-87] - Error when creating component projects

Improvement Request

  • [PETALSSTUD-7] - Update the SA's POM when the SA's jbi.xml changes
  • [PETALSSTUD-8] - Create a default XSL style sheet for the XSLT component
  • [PETALSSTUD-9] - Maven POM customisation (wizard configuration through a preference page)
  • [PETALSSTUD-21] - Generate only one KPI SU for a given end-point
  • [PETALSSTUD-28] - Remove FindBugs from the studio
  • [PETALSSTUD-29] - Add the update sites of development tools
  • [PETALSSTUD-30] - The Studio can't validate POM
  • [PETALSSTUD-31] - The XSL builder should use the XSL parameters during the validation
  • [PETALSSTUD-34] - By default, show line numbers in the text editors
  • [PETALSSTUD-36] - Select SU projects to include in the new SA wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-37] - Ease the creation of services for the Jsr-181 component
  • [PETALSSTUD-55] - Replace the JBI binding editor by tabbed properties
  • [PETALSSTUD-56] - Choose EIP's consumed end-points from the Petals Services view
  • [PETALSSTUD-59] - It should be possible to directly create a SCA SU project
  • [PETALSSTUD-60] - "Sketch projects" should be renamed into "Croquis"
  • [PETALSSTUD-62] - Support the copy of several (non-sibling) resources at once
  • [PETALSSTUD-64] - Remove a restriction when deleting several resources at once
  • [PETALSSTUD-68] - Synchronize the XSLT SE and the XSLT plug-in
  • [PETALSSTUD-70] - Lack of error report information using JSR-181 tools
  • [PETALSSTUD-75] - Add a preference to display JAX-WS traces
  • [PETALSSTUD-77] - Add an action to directly create the service WSDL's
  • [PETALSSTUD-79] - REST parameter when creating a SOAP SU consume
  • [PETALSSTUD-80] - Remove remove-root and add-root parameters from the SOAP and REST wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-81] - Remove the useless parameters in the REST wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-82] - Add an XPath field in the EIP wizard for the aggragator correlation

New Feature

  • [PETALSSTUD-3] - Import of several SAs in one click
  • [PETALSSTUD-14] - Be able to refactor a SU project (by changing the service name)
  • [PETALSSTUD-18] - Allow the direct creation of BPEL SU projects
  • [PETALSSTUD-25] - The SCA Sketch wizard should allow the creation of SCA applications using patterns
  • [PETALSSTUD-26] - Add a wizard to easily create a new Petals reference (SCA)
  • [PETALSSTUD-39] - Be able to explicitly validate a jbi.xml
  • [PETALSSTUD-63] - Add a shortcut to directly package Petals projects
  • [PETALSSTUD-72] - Use the BPEL's XML schemas to validate BPEL files with the XML editor


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